Keeping your property beautiful

Property Maintenance

For the overall health of your lawn we recommend dethatching and aeration once every one to two years. This property maintenance service allows your lawn to breathe again. Your Eastern Pennsylvania landscape will receive the much needed air, water, and nutrients in order to stay green all season long. While the process itself seems simple, it’s best to leave such things to a professional company such as us.


The process of aeration consists of perforating the soil of your lawn with tiny holes in order to allow the flow of air, water and nutrients to enter the grass roots allowing your lawn to grow and breathe. The importance of this process is to alleviate compacted soil, bringing moisture.


Thatch is the mixture of living and dead grass roots, shoots, and stems that forms between healthy green grass and the soil. Thatch can actually suffocate the living grass, creating a dead, dry lawn. Having some thatch is a good, but typically you don’t want much. The process of dethatching involves removing the thick layer of decay to allow water, air, fertilizer and nutrients to increase the health and life of your lawn.